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5 dangerous misconceptions in the fairy tale about Cinderella, which interfere with us in life

Many generations grew on a fairy tale about a poor girl and a crystal shoe that became a pass to the royal life. However, history is not as clear as many are used to thinking. Cinderella must certainly turn into a stepmother’s daughter, and someday into stepmother, otherwise the prince will change her two years after the wedding, the clinical psychologist Lucia Suleimanov believes.

A vast plot familiar from childhood about a stepdaughter, which the whole female half of the family makes you work from morning to night, and the once loving father is quietly silent, fearing the wrath of the wife, continues to wander in the vastness of literature, theater and theater and theater and cinema. For patience and zeal, Cinderella and her modern clones will certainly be waiting for a reward: one day a wonderful prince will appear, and her life will change forever, which will help Kind Fairy. And further, as expected, they will live happily ever after.

But this is not

so, says Lucia Suleimanov, author of the book “How to get to the palace, if you are not Cinderella”. The tale for centuries has misleading all the girls of the world that the role of Cinderella is the most profitable. And millions of them tried to repeat her fate. All this time the stepmother and her daughters were undeservedly attributed to the black list of evil heroines. And the fairy was assigned the role of the performer of other people’s desires and nothing more. And the prince is not the chosen one who should run, dropping crystal shoes.

The plot of the fairy tale and the roles of each of her heroines are not so straightforward and unambiguous. And the prince is not as beautiful as it seems at first glance. “I, like many Soviet girls, also once believed that it was good to be Cinderella. This belief was supported by culture. This is the only way, having gained patience, you can get a prize: love, hand and heart of the prince, ”says the psychologist. But why then many of us behave like Cinderella, but the prize and the royal palace are not and not. The finale is also deceiving, according to which the happy, long and cloudless life of the newlyweds begins with the last page.

Why did the psychologist choose this fairy tale, because there are many other stories that are loved all over the world and whose heroines are equal to millions of girls, girls and women?