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Master’s Thesis

“The Scientific and Aesthetic Consideration for Environmental Sculpture of Outdoor Space”

The Scientific and Aesthetic Consideration for Environmental Sculpture of Outdoor Space

Thesis Summary

Master’s Thesis deals with the scientific and aesthetic consideration through the answer of certain questions, what is the role of sculptor in relation to the environment and how is the progress in the environmental science affects the sculptor approaches and what is the standards on which the outdoor sculpture stands for.

The thesis is divided to seven chapters:

Chapter one “art and environment” the main theme in this chapter is defining environment as a word and as a concept, also shows the importance of the environmental concepts and its evolution through history through a group of theories, the relation between man and environment, behavior settings, bronfenberner theory.

This chapter also defines the relationship between man and space and how each is affected by the other. In the end of the chapter there is a part about art concepts and its relation to the environment as base to define environmental sculpture.

The second chapter “schools that are interested in environmental concepts” the chapter shows eight different contemporary schools from the world and there approaches from the environmental concept through there works of art.

The third chapter “schools that are interested in environmental concepts in Egypt” the chapter shows the relation between the society and art in general, also the political , economical and social situation in Egypt in the second half of the 20th century. and in the end some schools that had environmental approach in their art work.

The fourth chapter “branches of outdoor sculpture” discuss the different branches of outdoor sculpture and the differences between them.

The fifth chapter “the scientific and aesthetic standards of outdoor sculpture” it deals with the standards on which the artists should understand during creating an outdoor sculpture like the relation between sculpture and the surrounding space through different dimensions aesthetic, social, visual, and applied, also understanding the affect of nature like the weather on there art work.

The sixth chapter “material for out door sculpture” deals with concrete and metal especially bronze as the most widely sculpture materials used in outdoor space.

The seventh chapter contains some applications on the theoretical studies through applying this on a site placed in one of the new cities in Egypt.

This thesis reached some results and suggests some recommendations.


Mohamed Shoukry is a contemporary visual artist. Born in cairo, Egypt 1976, holds PHD From faculty of applied arts in “Video Sculpture”. He exhibited in various international art galleries including F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Zurich, Switzerland - Kunstverien, Aschafeunberg, Germany - Open City Exhibition, Teramo, Italy - Artist Village Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan - Haslla museum, Gangnueung, South Korea. Also he participated regularly in most of the national art events since 1996 and was awarded several times such as third prize salon of youth 2005 and first prize in “talaa exhibition” three consecutive years. Shoukry also granted artist in residence program from triangle trust in 2004 and from prohelvetia 2011. he participated in a lot of workshops either internationally or nationally since 1996. He held also several workshops in goethe institute cairo. Shoukry work is in public and private collections including Haslla museum, Gangnueung, South Korea and The The Contemporary Art Musseum, Cairo, Egypt. His works has been featured in several publications including, Egypt Today, Al Bait Magazine, Papyrous Magazine.