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PhD Thesis

"VIdeo Sculpture utilized in public spaces"

Video Sculpture Utilized in public spaces | Thesis  Summary

PhD Thesis deals with video sculpture artworks utilized in public space through the answer of certain questions, what is the changes in sculpture concept from the nineteenth century till present through the periods of modernism and postmodernism to reach a wider definition to three dimensional artworks. what was the effect of modern technology specially visual communication technology on the visual and concept of three dimensional artworks which lead to the appearance of several art movements including video sculpture. This was the result of the political and economical and social changes in the twenties century and this is through the following chapters:

Chapter one under the title of “the relation between sculpture and technology” this chapter contain main ideas about contemporary sculpture concepts in the revolutionary era of information technology. We will study the change in contemporary sculpture concept and the relation between form and concept in artwork then we will show the historical development of sculpture concept through history till present also we define electronic and technological arts and how important is the television as new medium which has the capabilities of affecting people. Then we will discuss the affect of information technology revolution on modern sculpture, Also what was the reasons that the technological media stared to appear as a sculpture element and this through knowing the relation between technology, science and art what is the problems and the resources of new technology. Then we Defined the communication and information technology through the definition of digitization and computers and internet. further in this chapter we discuss the possibilities of using visual communication technology in sculptural artworks and why it starts to appear in sculptural artworks in the first place which was through several definitions like modernism and transformation to post modernism and globalization.

Second chapter under the title of”technological media in sculpture artworks we starting this chapter by defining the interactive and nonactive technological media as well as visual communication technology used in sculpture artworks like physical medium, chemical, phenomenological medium and electronic medium beside the electronically media like computers, video and television. After that we showed some of the art movements that has great influence to the emerging of video sculpture like conceptual art, video art, video installation, technological art, electronic sculpture and environmental sculpture.

In the third chapter under the title of “VIdeo sculpture” we defined what is video sculpture in the context of post modern art movement and how important is video as a visual element in three dimensional artworks. Later we showed some of the most important artists who worked with video sculpture like Nam June paik, Bill Viola, Shigeko Kubota, Gary Hill, Wolf Vostell, Alan Rath, Bruce Nauman, Mario Jo Lafontaine and Fabrizio Plessi.

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the fourth chapter was under the title of “utilizing video sculpture in public space” we started to discuss who is the artwork is related to public space and ways to attract the spectators by using video sculpture and this through understanding the concept of space and the relation between human and surrounding environment as well as social environment. We also showed how important the space and how specific it is to certain artwork. In this chapter we also showed the standards on which the video sculpture affect the spectators. in the last part of this chapter we had apart discussing how the technology lead to the increase of public artworks through visual and social dimension of video sculpture. Then we showed some of the famous video sculpture artworks samples from all over the world.

Then we had some applications in the fifth chapter showing the practical part of the thesis containing the thesis concept from utilizing video as a main element in three dimensional artwork. Artworks showed the relation between concept and space.