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Minaret of Light

Light Installation


Aslem El Selhadar mosque, Darb El Ahmar, old Cairo, Egypt
Minaret of light is a light installation project in the area of Aslam el salehdar mosque at Al Darb el Ahmar at the heart of old Cairo near by bab zewila one of the old gates of Cairo.
Minaret of light is a social interaction project with the people of Aslam el Salehdar, we lived in the area for one month talking with the people and approach their problems. I found that the mosque that identifies the whole area is distorted, the mosque minaret was destroyed on the sixteen century and was replaced with a small shape minaret on the early twenties century. The replaced minaret is out proportion and even from different architectural style.
The concept was to reconstruct the original design of the minaret by a steel construction to maintain the original outline of the form of the minaret.
A lot of studies and constructions drawings to keep the construction of the mosque intact. The idea was to build a temporary light weighted structure to revive the proudness of the original architectural design of the mosque, transforming it to a land mark in the old Cairo by wrapping the steel construction with a series of strings of white light bulbs ( what is usually used in celebrations in old Cairo ). In this way we would keep the form of the original minaret and transforms it to a blazing light point which can be seen from all over Cairo making a landmark from the small mosque of Aslam al Salehdar. Estimated light bulbs to be used are 3000 light bulb.



The project was not completed due to needed approvals from ministry of antiquities although of all the construction studies
but still it lives like a concept till it can be realized…