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“Stigma” Scares of Shame | Video Sculpture Project

The installation consists of two parts, a construction of a shroud made from plastic sheets in a real life size suspended from the ceiling connected with plastic wires to construction of three plastic containers. The video is projected on all objects.

Disgrace, shame, humiliation seems that these words has no meaning any more. Act of violence towards the human body regardless of genre and age is a daily activity now in Egypt.

This project focus on the violation and discrimination towards the human body. The body has been violated in every way possible beaten, electrified, raped and humiliated, it became as plastic puppets dealt with no humanization.

A video collage made from various bruised human parts in abnormal proportions showing a great deal of distortion to human body. Distortion breaks the beautiful rhythm of the human body showing them as a mere flesh moving in a hysterical irritating uncontrolled way that resembles dying animals.

Technical Assistant: Shady Salem