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Eden Like Garden

Installation Video

Eden Like Garden

Preserved for the chosen ones

Artificial intelligence media installation by                                                  Mohamed Shoukry, Weaam El Masry,  Ahmed El Shaer

Pavilion of Egypt at the 59th International Art Exhibtion.                                   La Biennale di Venezia | 2022

The Promised Land… flowing and flooding with milk and honey… Land of extraordinary fertility… the aim, the purpose and serenity… A startling image whose core is pantheistic and sexual, as well as both sacred and profane…. An eternal being of temptation and desire… …A fragile, never-ending struggle… Redefining humanity… Coherent identity and a torn world… Loops of existence.. Skeptic consciousness in the infinite time and space… Unpredictability… Uncertainty … Human being is raptured in an eternal war between instinctive and volitional nature. Instinct can be satisfied by finite things but volition has no limits and is not satisfied by anything …. if the balance is not attained – and it will never be – …. A metaphorical monstrosity will be created, a disenchanting dream like an endless empty tundra …. We are faced with a state of confusion. Turbulent thoughts are overwhelming us. Where do we find meaning? What’s our purpose? Why are we never satisfied? Our minds are incapable of finding answers. The soul longs for peace and serenity. We seek stability…. Perhaps salvation lies in the rebirth, from a womb where all things are formed, a new beginning, a space for purification and salvation for the wretched who has been exhausted by doubts of life, longing for eternal peacefulness… Perhaps surviving lies in a futuristic endeavor to obtain answers that are neutral and non-discriminatory. By feeding the algorithms with our dilemmas in hope of interpreting what we have been unable to find definitive answers for, throughout the ages. We might be surprised by the visuals and sounds formed in the womb of the future. It will make us realize what our minds were unable to comprehend, hoping that the unplanned confrontation would make us realize the things around us in a different way in a world blinded by algorithms. Perhaps we will discover that there is no certainty or clear satisfactory answers, and that what the future offers is an continuation of human attempts throughout history, which ended up embracing the uncertainty and skepticism all the time and diversity of interpretation.

Artificial Intelligence media installation project that mimic the female womb. It is the place of birth, new beginning, and spiritual connection. Organic forms suspended from the ceiling in an indication of the sanctity of the number seven in different civilizations and religions (the creation of the universe… the circumambulation… the mysteries of the church… the seven sins…). AI generated moving images projected on huge pink organic forms that are the results of feeding an open source machine learning software with philosophical and existential concepts about the nature of the universe, life after death and crossing the isthmus. The artwork is a dynamic and experimental installation as the visual and auditory outcome produced by the AI engine changes partially or dramatically depending on the timing and date of the feeding of the open source machine learning software.