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Installation Video


Video installation 2011 / Haslla museum, Gangnueung, South Korea, October 2011

fire has been taken within the permanent collection of haslla museum.

Video duration : 4mins

It is 3d video mapping installation, consists of 11 old cubical pieces of wood with the dimensions of 25cm w x 80 cm h x 15 cm d.

placed in a room 7m x 5m x 2.5m.

Tis project “fire” is part of series about the four main elements in the universe fire, water, air and soil.Destruction of civilization was the main insight where the wooden pieces served sometimes as gravestone and another as high buildings rising up and falling down. Also there is feeling of mixing different culture through various symbolic geometric shapes, where fire eats all and gives birth to new era where mankind could rise again with a new beginning.