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Installation Light

Green Void // 02

Light installation 2017 / Light through Form Exhibition, Art Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt.

The installation is continuation of previous project “Green void”. it defragments  the solid islamic star symbol. it puts  the spectator in a contradictory situation where he sees green neon lights randomly distributed in space but in the same time they align perfectly if seen from certain angle or certain point of view. Green is also a common color related to islamic culture in general. The green light appears floating into space, which reflects the spiritual feeling that the green resemblance in the islamic culture. The whole installation leave you in state of silence trance, that you even  take seconds after you leave to adapt to normal light again.

The artwork  questions the solid concept of the geometrical islamic symbol and how it has been defragmented and manipulated, every aspect depends on your point of view to make sense to the whole experience.