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Larisa’s “Associated”: Symbiosis with her mother is to blame for her death?

What are

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the deep motives of the actions of famous literary heroes? Why do they make this or that choice, sometimes putting us, readers, confused? We are looking for an answer with a psychologist.

Why did Larisa not go to her mistresses to the state of Parmenych?

Moky Parmenych conducts a conversation with Larisa as a business person: announces conditions, describes benefits, assures in his honesty.

But Larisa does not live by profit, but with feelings. And her feelings in confusion: she just found out that Sergei Paratov, with whom she spent the night of love (thinking that now they would be), is engaged to the other and was not going to marry her. Her heart is broken, but it is still vividly.

To become a mistress of Mokia Parmenych for her is equivalent to abandoning herself, stop being a person with a soul and becoming an inanimate object who meekly moves from one owner to another. For her, this is worse than death, which she eventually prefers to be a “thing”.

Larisa grew up without a father in a poor family. Mother struggled to give out three daughters (Larisa Third) to marry. The house has long become a passage, mother trades her daughter’s favor, everyone knows about her distress.

Larisa is trying to solve three problems: to separate from his mother, find a stable social status “wife” and stop being the object of sexual lusts of men. Experiencing shame for life in the Gypsy Tabor, Larisa decides to entrust herself to the first who offers hand and heart.

In the adoption of such a decision, moral masochism plays the central role. Larisa came up with a punishment, although it was not to blame for the fact that she has no dowry;that Paratov threw her so as not to go too far and not marry a poor girl;that her mother is trying to “attach” her to inappropriate people.

The pain that Larisa does for herself has a flip side – a moral triumph over a mother, over rumors and gossip and hope for a quiet life in a village with her husband. And accepting the proposal of Mokia Parmenych, Larisa would act according to the rules of calculation, would become part of the world that she is alien.

Could it be otherwise?

If Moky Parmenych was interested in Larisa’s feelings, he was compassionate, tried to support her not only financially, but emotionally and morally, he did not rush with the decision, perhaps the story could continue differently.

Or if Larisa were independent, siparled from her mother, she could find a worthy, although perhaps a poor person. She could develop her musical talent, distinguish sincere feelings from manipulation, love from lust.

However, the mother, who used her daughters as a way to get money and social status, did not allow either her ability to make a choice, neither intuition, nor support on her forces.