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I Surround your Flesh

Installation Light

I Surround your Flesh

Light Installation 2021, Contemporary Art Salon, Palace of arts, Cairo opera house. 

I surround your flesh is a conceptual idea of rebirth or transmigration of the soul, a pressure that is suffocating and chocking the soul out of me. Longing with eagerness for a new birth with such tenderness and care associated with the new born. A power that surrounds the new life to guide through the journey of eternity.  

The concept is an abstract representation to the rebirth from the womb of pain, pressure and bruises to a clean white elevating light that creates the new life with such delicacy surrounding the flesh of a new born.

My beloved son, come and rest in me. I heal you. I wipe all your tears. I complete you and form you … Book of the dead


I surround your flesh is an installation that consist of a large floating object in the center of a room. A large scale white paper sculpture surrounds large amount of illuminated white balloons. Paper is encompassing and enclosing the balloons within a floating structure pointing towards the sky. a bed of white cotton filling the floor of the room.