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The City The Ghost

Installation sound

The City The Ghost

Sound installation 2014 / DAK’ART, 11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain, Dakar, Sengal

Also shown in 100 Copies Music Space, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

The project is considered as the collective culture memory for the city of cairo, through documentation of various sound of the loud city of cairo where it focus on the current architectural culture of cairo and its relation with the current situation after the 25th of  january. the soon here emphasis the space and time. the installation was created to deepen the concept of architect, space and time, a virtual landscape was created by 25 speakers (7 inch) where it leads in the end with a iconic architectural form constructed from 5 small Tvs (5 inch) showing a deconstructed element of a minaret.

The Minaret was displayed in a dark Confined space giving it more sacred feeling, as the most sacred parts of the old egyptian temples. The minaret here reflect various concepts it refers to the city as cairo was always know the city of thousand minaret and it also reflects the spiritual and islamic feeling of the icon , but it is deconstructed physically and virtually through the installation and manipulated by a static noise through the video. The Strong spiritual believe of cairo in a state of deconstruction that resembles our every day reality. There Is no solid meaning of anything anymore we are living in a state of Ambiguity.