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Installation Interactive


Interactive installation 2018 / Cairotronica, Art Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt.

Haughty is a conceptual idea of the contradictory surrealistic environment we are leaving in Egypt nowadays on political, economical and social level. we feel deserted in a world where logic and reason has been long gone. we are dreaming the world around us, it is a hazy feeling of reality.

The concept displaces the reflected image of the spectator putting his distorted representation in a surrealistic mocking scene. Spectators are confronted with a sarcastic situation – that they are unwillingly part of, as we are all part of what is going on around us but with no real influence.

We are merely puppets fluffing our role in the big play.

Haughty is interactive installation. The installation occupies a space of approx. 4m x 3m containing piles of Sand and neon lights on floor in front of a real time 3d environment projected on the wall behind the sand piles.

The projection on the wall is a 3D sculptural structure of a distorted realistic donkey standing on different symbolic elements in a acrobatic situation. The surrealistic virtual sculpture standing on virtual sand and neon lights, mixing virtual and physical reality of sand piles and neon from the exhibition floor to the virtual one.

Spectators will find this surrealistic environment amusing but then they will realize that their movements are captured and reflected on the platform over the donkey’s back. Movements will be captured by motion sensors and projected on virtual human standing on the platform to complete the sculpture in real time. The human figure is formed from broken glass material. The system mimics the spectator movement, so they find themselves trapped within this surrealistic environment. The whole situation makes the spectators question themselves what is the border line between indifference, sarcasm and reality.