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I who consent want to breath

Installation Video

I who consent want to breath

Video sculpture 2009 / 32nd National Exhibition, Art Palace, Cairo Opera House, Egypt.

4m x 4.25m Room | #12 5.5 inches TVs | #1 21-inch TV | Wires | Video splitters | #2 DVD Players | Cables. Video duration: 03:19 minutes

Truth has always been an idea which everyone seeks to achieve one way or another. We are promised to get the truth and nothing but the truth everyday from the powerful roaring animal called “media” but it still seems such a remote vague idea in spite all of the information technology revolution that we are experiencing nowadays. The truth will always be a reflection to what really happened.

We submit unwillingly to this vicious media circle, we want to breathe. In this Project I tried to change the TV viewing angle from what is known and make the viewer in the same position as the TV screen itself, and view its reflected information on the mirror on the opposing wall. Video images are captured from all the enormous information that is transmitted to us by various media sources, all in relation with the eye as the active receiver organ. All 12 screens are connected to the main TV screen in the middle of the room, which shows a video of an eye processing the transmitted information. You could also see the reflection of a TV screen on the eye pupil.

We only get the reflection of the truth.