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Installation, 2019 / Reimagined Narratives exhibition, curated by “Art D’Egypte”. The artwork exhibited in Qalawun Mosque, Mu’iz Street, Cairo

Sublimity is a conceptual idea about transcending emotions that evolve above materialistic world. The main essence of islam is monotheism and divinity. The installation reflects the feeling of circulation as a main act of unity. People circulation around the ka’aba is one of the main acts that units people around the same believe, goal and objective. It is an act of shear transcend serenity.

Sublimity shows a metaphoric circulation that is the heart of unity evolving with the emotions to a transcend feeling reaching the sublime state of satisfaction with mixed feelings of lightness, serenity and pureness.

Sublimity is an installation that occupies the south space of the main court yard of Qalawun Mosque. Everything in the installation is either complimenting or contradicting the surrounded environment. 

The installation consist from 21 cylindrical Glossy metallic tubes laid on several mirror sheets covering the ground. Inside each cylinder there is one or more fluorescent tube* all laid in direction that all pointing to the center of the installation, which is one of the main concepts of islamic geometrical patterns having one center and then expands from this center to infinity – The same idea of having one god and everything revolves around which is the main essence of monotheism in islam. Above the cylinders and fluorescent light there will be a huge floating cloud between the columns and the ceiling of the space, which transcends the visual to a whole contradictory surrealistic feeling within an ancient architecture. Also the spectator will be able to see a reflection of the whole scene in the ground through the mirrors, which will emphasis more on this surrealistic feeling mixing physical objects with its reflected image expanding their physical space to another dimension.