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The Perfect Citizen

Installation Interactive

The Perfect Citizen

Interactive installation 2016 / Cairotronica Exhibition, Art Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt 

Citizen // 01 is the conceptual idea of the perfect citizen from point of view of power. It negotiates the “freedom of speech” right and how the system tend to create replicas of the same voices.

The Concept confronts the spectator free will attaching virtually surgical stitches over their mouth. Then their faces is projected on cartoon boxes stacked in mass production installation.

Citizen // 01 is an interactive installation. It puts the spectator in a situation that confronts his free will. The first part of the installation is a LCD screen with a HD camera showing a reflected image of the spectator. Based on Face detection technology the system detects the face and overlay surgical stitches over the mouth. (see illustrations in next slides)

Then the spectator move to the other space of the installation where they find carton box stacked beside each other. Each box has an oval shaped balloon inside. on the the balloons there will be a projection from the ceiling based on video mapping technology showing the faces of the spectators with the stitches as if they were reproduced in mass production form.

The spectator will be have his face detected and reprojected on the balloons in real time. when another spectator comes the system will replace the face of the last spectator with the new face in real time.