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The Rise of Ba


The Rise of Ba

Land art 2016 / Oshtoora Festival, west lake Qaroun, Fayoum , Egypt.

Oshtoora geographical location is very special, located on the western side of Lake Qaroun. It is were the sun descends and the soul of mortals rise – according to the ancient Egyptian philosophy. it is the sacred place where the spirit or soul (BA) rise to the sky where it awaits the body to reunite again. The journey of the soul is very sacred and has to be protect as not to be lost in the process.

My idea is to create the guiding land mark to assist the soul to find its way to the other world safely.

I recently lost my father and mother in a car accident. I made this work as a tribute to my beloved parents (God Bless them) may be i can find my way to them one day and reunite again …